My fitness RouQuarantine

Since I worked from home prior to our quarantine, the main thing that’s changed beyond being able to access culture and non-home cooked food is that I can’t go out to the gym. I always disliked having to work out on my own, and really miss the structured classes that make time passage seamless. Classes also pushed me to show I’m just as strong and/or fast as that person over there twenty years junior.  Even if that’s not always true. So I gradually developed a new schedule, a rouquarantine. My old fitness schedule — which seemed to make me at … Keep goin’

Meet the soy bean and witness its amazing transformations

Whoa! Who knew you could do so much with such a humble bean? From soy bean to milk, tofu, yuba, and okara. Then, from these base foods, your options are endless. That’s why I’m doing this roundup, so I can track it all in one place. Hopefully you find it useful, too. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for soymilk, tofu, and their resulting okara biscotti, cookies and crabcakes.  (See the end of the post for a note on health and soy. Spoiler: Soy is HEALTHY.) It’s time to hoard soy beans Many of us are making bread … Keep goin’

Vasilopita: A New Year’s cake you can share with cattle

What is Vasilopita and why is this one new? I’ll keep this short, as too much reading will require you to wait too long to bake this thing. And it’s NOT worth the wait. I mean, it absolutely is worth the wait, but you shouldn’t have to. The New Vasilopita This version is “new” meaning simplified from the vegan version I first created in 2007 (!). (Pardon the Drinko.) Wayyy too complicated. But you must forgive me; the OG recipe called for six eggs and I had to pull all the stops! This recipe is absolutely *perfect* for any of … Keep goin’

Labels? I got your labels. (New article)

A few years ago I realized that the meat/dairy/egg industries behave like Trump (see image below).  That is to say, a mix of temper tantrums tempered with sociopathy and money. In their latest efforts to silence the plant-based foods industry, these industries attempt to censor its labeling. As someone who had tried to make good choices by relying on labels in the past, I take them to task for years of their own misleading labels, including “free range” “humane” and “natural,” also drawing on my #Comments play about the lawsuit against Hampton Creek LLC and the egg industry’s (unsuccessful) role … Keep goin’

Recent article published: Why won’t McDonald’s go ‘beyond meat’ worldwide?

I am thrilled that my article on Beyond Meat and demand — specifically the demand McDonald’s is missing — was published in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Read the short piece in its entirety. Read the article.   … Keep goin’


I’m convinced that much like one benefits from living in a city with a mix of cultures, peoples, classes, and ideas, an artist is only lifted up by immersion into different art forms than the one they are practicing. This isn’t new or revelational, but something I’ve thought about a lot lately as I record our new album with Rob and realize that several of the songs, or at the very least some of their lyrics, were inspired by books, comedy, or theater rather than other bands. The concept in one of our songs NeWest was inspired, in part, by … Keep goin’

Whoever tells the story writes history: Takeaways from the Op-Ed Project

Photo from the Op-Ed project: the story we write becomes the world we live in

I have been doing something for the past few years that the day-long Op-Ed Project training warned me about. Something that, statistically, most women do. I grossly underestimated myself. I lowered my numbers. Introducing the Op-Ed Project In the day-long course I took on Friday in New York City — “Write to Change the World” — I learned a lot about credibility. About comfort levels in establishing your own expertise. The importance of knowing your value to others. How this all leads to influence, and this influence matters — particularly given some past grim statistics that editors receive about 90% … Keep goin’