I Thinx therefore I am

My only regret is I’ve lived through 30 years without having access to period underwear. But it’s never too late.  Well, sometimes you are late.  But that’s when you wear these Thinx period underwear for security. Read onward. Regrets be-gone: get ready for a life-changer I’m writing this post because each and every woman I’ve mentioned this life-changing (saving?) invention to has responded with some variation of, “What underwear?”  And I want to answer that more broadly.  It is also the holiday season, fellas and present-givers everywhere.  Thinx will make the perfect stocking-stuffer for anyone you regularly buy undies for, … Keep goin’

Do dogs play Basketball?

Only if they win.

Senior dog, Syba, winning basketball match, November 2015.
Featuring audio from archive.org, from Duke/Kentucky 1956 game.

The secret is out: Syba is a Blue Devil fan.

Born in Seattle, home of the Seahawks, and raised in Durham, NC, home of the Blue Devils. Almost 14 years of age, vegan for life (except dumpster dives), avid sports fan, ruthless on the court. Will coach for cash.

Does your dog play sports? Weave baskets? Share a link in the comments section below.