My fitness RouQuarantine

Since I worked from home prior to our quarantine, the main thing that’s changed beyond being able to access culture and non-home cooked food is that I can’t go out to the gym. I always disliked having to work out on my own, and really miss the structured classes that make time passage seamless. Classes also pushed me to show I’m just as strong and/or fast as that person over there twenty years junior.  Even if that’s not always true. So I gradually developed a new schedule, a rouquarantine. My old fitness schedule — which seemed to make me at … Keep goin’

Meet the soy bean and witness its amazing transformations

Whoa! Who knew you could do so much with such a humble bean? From soy bean to milk, tofu, yuba, and okara. Then, from these base foods, your options are endless. That’s why I’m doing this roundup, so I can track it all in one place. Hopefully you find it useful, too. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for soymilk, tofu, and their resulting okara biscotti, cookies and crabcakes.  (See the end of the post for a note on health and soy. Spoiler: Soy is HEALTHY.) It’s time to hoard soy beans Many of us are making bread … Keep goin’