Weston: Selling a dream

What are you selling when you’re selling a notoriously unreliable, unpredictable vehicle?   In 2007 we had the conversation: We need a vehicle that we can live in while we tour for a year with my film Seeing through the Fence and our band Beloved Binge. Something we can take into the city but also camp in. What better than a classic VW camper van? We, like many we’ve come to meet over the years, were fascinated with the Westfalia. The top “pops”!   The kitchen cooks! The chair swivels for the mustachioed man!   Room for our gear in … Keep goin’

Three dream jobs

Takeaway: If my part-time career plans don’t work out, there are always other opportunities. Three dream jobs I’ll never apply for unless I am hungry Here are three of my favorites, so far.  Though each unique unto itself, the theme of these three could be called “getting in your business.”   Job #1: It’s all about the FIT This job caught my eye. Until now, I’ve just guestimated my bra size. I had no idea there were people — paid people — out there to help me.   “The Bra Fitting Specialist is an expert in bra product and fit … Keep goin’

Building a game app, week 2: On learning and “Input”

Choosing what to learn in app development

I worked my way through college at an armored car company. [You may react/gasp here in this space.] As part of the job, I screened potential armored car drivers and other employees responsible for cash processing. As you can imagine, the screening process intended to weed out those who should not have guns, money, and your armored vehicle simultaneously. One of the tools we used to avoid hiring potential hijackers was a personality assessment.  If you haven’t seen one, they generally ask a long list of questions, often the same questions with different wording.  I would score the test, which … Keep goin’

English major building a game app, week 1

police quest sonny bonds

I still remember the day my my brother received his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, years ago.  In his Engineering department ceremony, a professor said to the crowd of newly minted Engineers and parents (and I paraphrase): “At least you know they won’t move back home with you like an English major.”  Laughter ensued. Though I never moved back in with either of my parents, grandparents, and/or uncles/aunts, I was indeed an English major. Fast-forward a couple of decades, and … I still am.  But now, I’m putting that degree to (dis)use.  I’m going to build an app.  … Keep goin’

How to make better decisions, tip #2/3

Decisive: How to make better choices in life and work

Explore how to make better decisions using the tools and principles shared in Dan and Chip Heath’s book Decisive.  This is the second of three installments, where I share tip #2: Playing the role (implementation). Read act one here. Number two tool to make decisions? Play the role (no acting experience necessary). Once you have made your decision predictions using nothing other than your fake friends and wild imagination, it’s time to test them out a little before investing too much. Here are a few of my favorite ways to change “either/or” into “and,” thus both “widening your options” and … Keep goin’

Book mention: Millionaire Teacher

millionaire teacher build bucks

Short on time? Skip Millionaire Teacher and learn the one tip to build bucks here.   A book review should be a thorough investigation of the contents of a published book.  This is not that.  You can read that here.  I don’t think you need to, though. If I were a rich (wo)man… I’m not one interested in getting rich. I really do not want to be a millionaire. It is a huge turnoff to hear the diatribes of various “get rich” schemes proffered by various overly-enthusiastic “rich” people posing at sunny beaches.  My main goal (mission) is and will … Keep goin’

How to make better decisions, tip #1/3

Decisive: How to make better choices in life and work

Explore how to make better decisions using the tools and principles shared in Dan and Chip Heath’s book Decisive.  This is the first of three installments, where I share tip #1: role playing, in three acts. Enjoy! Number one tool to make decisions? Prepare the role.  But not the kind you might think. Syba, or, Nana Dogishva But first, a little disclosure preamble about my horrible decision-making tactics Bossy, yes. I’ll be bossy in a second. But when it comes to strategic decisions? I’m a wishy-washy mess. I knew there was an unrepairable defect in my construction. This defect, though … Keep goin’

Ingredient #4: Stream and the un-career

When I was 10, I wanted to be a news anchorwoman.  There was no question about it. I still remember deciding this one night, while my brother and I stayed the night with Dad at that hotel in Hayward, California, when they put my doll Mary “on TV” (family joke) and we watched old Westerns. (Later I realized my decision was, in part, due to my family’s obsession with the nightly news: they were {gasp} our heroes. I’m looking at you, Jean Enersen,  Jeff Renner, Jane Pauley, and Bryant Gumbel.) Except for how I also wanted to be a writer … Keep goin’