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  1. Hello!

    My name is Angela and I help run a non-profit art space in Bozeman, MT called The Cottonwood Club. Our friend Keith Martinez, also known as Zenitram, works at The Whistle Pig and forwarded your message on to us thinking our underground gallery might be a good spot for your “You Big Talker” tour stop.

    We have some great comedic rock bands in town that we could organize together and open for your screening. There is also a vegan potluck crew in town and I’m sure they’d be stoked to come out in support or be involved in this event. Per your message we do have June 24th open. Our space has to shut down by 11pm for our neighbor’s sake and we typically give traveling artist/bands/etc. 75% of the door. Based on that percentage we could work out a door fee ($5-8) to meet your needs and fit within our usually event charge.

    For a bit more about ourselves, please check out our websites;

    Let us know if you’d be interested in having us host your event!

    Co-chair @ The Cottonwood Club

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