Couple-Splaining: Ep 5!

This is an extra special episode for the Talkers. Not only do we share two new skits about Couple-Splaining: ‘Splaining or Helpful? and Hot Cocoa after 20 Years, but we interviewed Dr. Candace Mixon, professor of Islamic Studies.


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  • Theme song by Beloved Binge
    “Homer Said” by Dyalla
  • “Ominous Hip Hop” by Kwan
  • “Righteous” by Dpren
  • “Distance” by Anno Domini Beats
    Video credits: All video by You Big Talker
  • Fatima photos and Obama Plaza by Dr. Candace Mixon
  • Turkey photo: United Poultry Concerns

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3 thoughts on “Couple-Splaining: Ep 5!”

  1. The political up-shot is: that for better or for worse talk of white privilege has become a big part of the talk about racism. So when you seem super-dismissive about it, it sounds like your being super-dismissive about racism, something of central concern to a lot of people, this is a problem politically because minorities are part of our political coalition and, (To borrow Wes formulation), this pisses them off and makes them not want to be friends with you.

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