Couple-Splaining: Ep 5!

This is an extra special episode for the Talkers. Not only do we share two new skits about Couple-Splaining: ‘Splaining or Helpful? and Hot Cocoa after 20 Years, but we interviewed Dr. Candace Mixon, professor of Islamic Studies.


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  • Theme song by Beloved Binge
    “Homer Said” by Dyalla
  • “Ominous Hip Hop” by Kwan
  • “Righteous” by Dpren
  • “Distance” by Anno Domini Beats
    Video credits: All video by You Big Talker
  • Fatima photos and Obama Plaza by Dr. Candace Mixon
  • Turkey photo: United Poultry Concerns

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3 thoughts on “Couple-Splaining: Ep 5!”

  1. The political up-shot is: that for better or for worse talk of white privilege has become a big part of the talk about racism. So when you seem super-dismissive about it, it sounds like your being super-dismissive about racism, something of central concern to a lot of people, this is a problem politically because minorities are part of our political coalition and, (To borrow Wes formulation), this pisses them off and makes them not want to be friends with you.

  2. Hello possible Bot (but giving you the benefit of the doubt): Where in the video (timeline) do you mean, and how so?

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