Episode 2, You Big Talker Talk Show!

Did the YBT have a sophomore slump, you know, with the 2nd episode? Nay, got right back to it! But adjusting the frequency slightly. Stay tuned for more episodes weekly monthly!

About episode 2

In this show, we were able to connect with a musician in Greece that we (Beloved Binge) first met when we played a show together in 2006: Pavlos Vigkos aka Paul. He was in the band with the late Tasos of Antistres, a kind and gentle person who left much too early.

We asked Pavlos what Greeks think of the USA, how Greece is doing with COVID, his beginnings in music, what are the essential ingredients to a good life, and more about his musical projects.

I also talk about the debate, election, and how advocating for animals has made me rich as a raccoon.

Have had raccoons on the mind ever since this visit yesterday from Ricky or Rocky


Theme song by Beloved Binge
Song credits: Beloved Binge except segment song “Homer Said” by Dyalla
Video credits: All video by You Big Talker

Links in the episode

Interview with Paul

Paul on Facebook

From Paul on his guitar/bass collection: “A fender 52 telecaster , a Gibson sg classic guitar, a fender 57 precision bass, a 4003 Rickenbacker bass , godin electroacoustic bass, my 5watts ginson amplifier, a hi-fi system and vinyls and CDs………. A paradise!!!!!!”

The two bands he mentions loving: 

More links: