Episode 7! Special guest Steve Davis (luthier!) & Skit: The Nature Interpreter

In our brand new season, we welcome a man-of-all-trades Steve Davis, a luthier who makes gorgeous guitars, a background actor, and philosopher. We’re happy he talked with us about his eventful and colorful life.

We are so excited to share Steve’s work, including the opportunity to own one of his custom guitars (more below). Steve is an extremely talented luthier and shares how he went from working on the first 747 to building guitars for famous musicians and actors, as well as his own experiences background acting from movies such as Wyatt Earp to TV shows like Better Call Saul.

Rob and I also explore, in a new skit, what it means to be a “Nature Interpreter.”


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Opportunity to own a Steve Davis guitar

Two beautiful guitars currently available for sale

Interested in exploring creating one of your own custom guitars, or in buying one of the two currently available for sale?

Contact Steve Davis: Davis6String@comcast.net


  • Photos during Steve’s interview: Steve Davis unless otherwise noted
  • Theme song by Beloved Binge
  • Teacoma deep trap
  • Homer Said by Dyalla
  • Cash Machine by Anno Domini Beats
  • Parisian Cafe by Aaron Kenny

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