Ingredient 3: Make art happen

One time in Greece, we were sitting in the back patio of my aunt’s home, playing guitar, singing, and talking. (Standard evenings in Greece. Don’t hate!)

One of my favorite Greek uncles watched then said, “I wish I had of made a hobby,” when watching my husband Rob play guitar (after saying “Why are your songs so depressing?”).

You need a hobby.

Besides the point that it’s too late to develop a hobby only when your life ends (unless there really is an afterlife), he’s right. In addition to you stream of income, it’s mighty satisfying and minute-passing to cultivate a practice, discipline, and play routine that involves learning an instrument, studying astronomy, or painting a canvas.

So it was not difficult to add my second ingredient to the recipe: music, writing, and just generally making stuff up is a necessary part of happiness.


Make art

So – make art happen.  You need a hobby, and it’s not too late if you’re still reading this post.  Here are the top three reasons to cultivate your neglected interests or simply explore new ones:

1. Increased quality of life

2. Enhanced brain activity (dodging pesky alzheimer’s, anyone?)

3. FUN!

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