Eleni Vlachos infuses fun into unpopular ideas through community outreach, the importance of which she discovered after screening her documentary about the role of animals in our society and speaking with students at over 100 universities across the country.

In the past decade she won three awards for three initiatives she successfully led including a partnership with the City of Durham to create a “bridge” to her neighborhood from downtown by transforming a vacant lot into a dog park, and four month-long vegan chef challenges that engaged the non-veg community. She is also a filmmaker and drummer for Beloved Binge.

Eleni has been featured in over 80 newspapers, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and television shows.  To interview Eleni, contact her here.


Below you will find press on Eleni Vlachos’ community engagement, band, and film.

Photo by Katherine Marks for the New York Times


Article:  In Harlem, a Home Without Wheels

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Photo of Eleni by Lisa Sorg

Select articles about Eleni’s band Beloved Binge

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Photo of Beloved Binge (and their dog, Syba) (and the cob house Eleni built) by Alex Boerner

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Eleni screened Seeing through the Fence at over 100 universities across the USA from roughly 2008-2010, speaking to college audiences about the role of animals in our society. A few of the 25+ articles that resulted:


Awards for community engagement

humane hero of the year

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