Three dream jobs

Takeaway: If my part-time career plans don’t work out, there are always other opportunities. Three dream jobs I’ll never apply for unless I am hungry Here are three of my favorites, so far.  Though each unique unto itself, the theme of these three could be called “getting in your business.”   Job #1: It’s all about the FIT This job caught my eye. Until now, I’ve just guestimated my bra size. I had no idea there were people — paid people — out there to help me.   “The Bra Fitting Specialist is an expert in bra product and fit … Keep goin’

Consumers in uproar upon discovering Spring Mix is now only double washed

The lettuce industry was riding a wave of popularity unmatched by those of other leaves.  Their boasts of triple washes, however, has now come to an end. With increased interest in “root” vegetables, the industry has had to fight back, after losing share to carrots, rootabagas, and radishes. “We simply do not have the resources to wash our lettuce three times,” an industry spokesperson, Clive Endive, reported. “And besides, do you wash YOUR lettuce more than once, those rare times when you get off your a** and buy an actual head of lettuce rather than our packaged product?” While saving … Keep goin’