Urban forest cob experiment part IV: drainage & foundation

I realize that in many ways posting photos at this stage of my “cob house” development is much like sharing ultrasounds to announce an impending child. At a hint of future potential, people kindly shower enthusiasm and encouraging words. Certainly, Cobina is just a shell of her future potential at the moment, with no cob in sight to coddle (cob coddling: it’s a real thing) – yet, somehow, it was still exciting to make our first two gravel runs this week, thanks to neighbors Harris and Natalie’s truck. We were not able to buy the round drainage rock recommended in … Keep goin’

Urban forest cob experiment part II: trenching

This week, my focus was on digging a trench for our cob cottage.   Once complete, it will be filled with drain-grade gravel (smooth, not sharp pieces) and a drainage pipe.  It’s called a rubble trench foundation, an ancient technique popularized here by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. I calculated that I could dig about one side per day, every other day.  I found, however, that I was not as tired/sore as anticipated, and was able to dig one trench side each day, working only 2-3 hours each day. Along the way, I checked the size of my trench with Rob’s leftover … Keep goin’