Book tour: In search of contemporary European authors


In addition to touring musically I plan to read one book by an author from each country we’re touring through for our 2015 EU tour.   Contemporary authors in Europe It’s easy to guess why this is of interest – rather than just passing through a culture, reading its authors allows me to jump into its rivers (with bathing suit), walk along its twisted canals, talk to its people, and climb on historic hillsides with a few more guideposts. Preferably grumpy misanthropic guideposts.  Which brings me to… Here’s a few things I’m hoping for in each author: Contemporary (mid-20th or … Keep goin’

Ingredient #1: Community

Beautiful Ikaria

What is the #1 ingredient for a happy life?   Spoiler alert: It’s not Reese’s Puffs. Though that might be a close second.  Let’s start with a little background on what statistically could be extrapolated as the number one ingredient. Who lives the longest? In some parts of the world, people are living to over 100 years old. Let me correct that: they’re not on life support, they are life’s support: actively involved, healthy, still independent. What is the secret to their longevity? Blue Zones All over the world, there are clusters that have been found to have a high … Keep goin’