My fitness RouQuarantine

Since I worked from home prior to our quarantine, the main thing that’s changed beyond being able to access culture and non-home cooked food is that I can’t go out to the gym. I always disliked having to work out on my own, and really miss the structured classes that make time passage seamless. Classes also pushed me to show I’m just as strong and/or fast as that person over there twenty years junior.  Even if that’s not always true.

So I gradually developed a new schedule, a rouquarantine.

My old fitness schedule — which seemed to make me at least feel very fit — was Yoga on Mondays, Bootcamp on Tuesday and Thursdays,  Zumba on Wednesdays, and Spin on Fridays. Plus walking all over town three miles a day or 8-10 on weekends.

As a former hater of jogging, I held my nose, placed on my mask, and hit the pavement for short jogs to replace parts of bootcamp. I don’t always hit all of the following, but this represents a good week.



  • Long walk
  • Louis4ever on Instagram Live (cardio fitness & abs) ($ donation)


  • 3 mile Jog
  • Planks/pushups sporadically throughout the day



  • Jog or bike ride
  • Louis4ever abs (videos posted to his Instagram)
  • Planks/pushups sporadically throughout the day
  • DNice Dance Party on Instagram (yes, this is exercise! Just ask Rob about my dance moves.) BTW THIS IS SO GOOD! I LOVE HIM!


Long walk


Long walk

And there you have it. Does it get more exciting? Possibly not. I’d like to start fitting in more yoga (I miss our old instructor Domenic — Adrienne tends to repeat a lot of the same moves and it seems a bit too easy — though I like her “themes”).

On jogs I love to listen to my playlists on Spotify, while on walks to my hundred million podcasts. Though some prefer listening to nature, that would apply more to a trail than my Philly streets. Though I can still hear the birds through the podcasts.

For masks, while running I prefer this Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter which lets me breathe and in the summer can be cooled.

In terms of social, I virtually cafe with our neighbors every week, as well as attend a “happy hour” with Seattle friends punctuated by random friend and family zooms. I have seen virtual festivals and concerts, and enjoyed Durham’s show fundraiser on Facebook live, and previous game nights.

What is your fitness routine like? Let me know if I’m missing something! Any exercise or dance parties I should be attending so I can annoy Rob with more of my loud and graceful movements?