Plants everywhere

I was pleased to speak with Lisa Sorg, now writing for the News & Observer, about a few current and upcoming projects recently.  Lisa was a natural, and I was happy to have the opportunity to share more about my projects and approach to outreach.

Views change with time, experience, and knowledge into clearer vision, one can hope.  I’m indebted to those who have shaped my thinking through strategic action for farmed animals including Matt Ball, Nick Cooney, Jon Camp, Peter Singer, Carol Adams, and so many more.

Yep, I just made an Oscar speech.  Except also: thanks Mom.

That said, I have a long way to go in accomplishing something significant for animals (unlike those mentioned above who have done so much good work) and hope to keep learning and working more efficiently to help reduce suffering along with other pursuits.

You can read the article here.

Photo by Lisa Sorg, 2015
Photo by Lisa Sorg, 2015


As noted on a recent post, I am lucky to know so many amazing activists in the Triangle including Leeanne of Triangle Meatless Monday and the Bull City Vegan Challenge, Helene of the Triangle VegFest, Dilip of the tireless “biggest vegan Thanksgiving in the world” Triangle Veg Society, and so many more.

If anyone would like to get involved in outreach to public schools (Meatless Monday) or otherwise, please do contact me.


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