Bull City Vegan (chef) Challenge mixtape

BCVC Flyer -- art and design by Laura Azar
BCVC Flyer — art and design by Laura Azar


For the 4th time, we’re running our vegan chef challenge, this time with 15 restaurants participating (and 10 volunteers managing!).  For a full list of restaurants, including photos of competing dishes & chefs, visit us at trianglemm.com/planetprotein.  So many good dishes.

The only thing missing?  Songs.

But first.

Writing n’ talking

We are so happy that, so far, the following press covered the story:

The Indy
News & Observer
Durham Magazine
Veg News

Part of what we love about the Chef Challenge is that it makes more room at the table for everyone while supporting local businesses.  It’s two wins.  So we made a “how-to” for you — and other cities considering this fun way to increase vegan options while working with and supporting your community.

Without further ado.


The Bull City Vegan Challenge 15 song mixtape

Sure, we’ve got some top notch restaurants lined up with deliciously creative dishes.  Your eyes are happy, your hands busy with the fork, and your mouth is flapping, but what about your ears?  You need a soundtrack to this Challenge.

In the following selection, in no particular order, implying no association with any of the restaurant participants, I incorporate a mix of local flavor, flavor-flavor, and vegan flavor in these selections.  (At times, the mixtape becomes so sophisticated it’s even got flavour.)


Do the Water Dance (Chris Porter feat. Pitbull)

Flavor flavor

What do all 15 restaurants have in common?  That’s right.  H2O.

My Bird (Organos)

Local flavor, veg-flavor

Because birds are off the plates, and in this song instead.

We are all made of Stars (Moby)

Vegan flavor

Stars are vegan.

Lament (Mount Moriah)

Local flavor, vegan flavor

Featuring downtown Durham, several years back.

WTF, Where They From (Missy Elliott)

Vegan flavor

This IS how we do the Challenge where we’re from. Which reminds me, we need to create a dance.

Devious (Gross Ghost)

Local flavor

Regulate (Warren G)

Flavor, “vegan” friendly.

Because you’re gonna need to regulate yourself with 15 restaurants.

Pedestrian At Best (Courtney Barnett)


Ο Χασάπης (Μάρκος Βαμβακάρης)
The Butcher (Markos Vamvakaris)


Markos worked as a butcher; in a documentary, he talks about how he felt saddened by the animals being killed. If I didn’t love ol’ Markos already, that sealed the deal.

High & Dry (Def Leppard)


Half of their members, dead and alive, were/are veg. Plus, you’ll want to pop this song in when you hit Challenge restaurants on Saturday. Be dry! Be high!

Party off the Pounds (Richard Simmons)


Both by walking to all the restaurants, and by eating vegan, you can party off those pounds with or without Richard (who is OK btw). Some may think this post a mockery of fine tunes, making fun of Richard. But alas, I love Richard. (Pre-cursor to Zumba! You need only view this video to agree.)

Straight, No Chaser (Thelonious Monk)

More flavour

You’ll surely be drinking at most of these restaurants.

Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart (Johnny Cash)

Because bathrooms have been an obsession lately (see my good friend’s article about that here) and the only regulation of their contents need be making sure the toilet paper rolls are full.

Feed the Tree (Belly)

Hopefully you’ll be fed too.

AND VERY ON POINT … almost could be our THEME song…

Be Healthy (Dead Prez)

Vegan flavor

What about you? Do you have a song to pair with one of the restaurants or dishes?  Comment below.

Team BCVC 2016
Part of our Vegan Challenge team! See all here: http://trianglemm.com/bcvc-2016-volunteers/


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