New article published: Don’t yell at Grandma

My article was just published just in time for that holiday dinner. Through the story of my 101-year old late aunt Yaya Frosou who lived most of her century in a Greek village (where my Dad was born), the op-ed explores the tricky maneuver of rejecting food at holiday/family gatherings *without* rejecting the person.

I loved my Yaya Frosou — and also my aunts Patra and Katie, who took particular care to make traditional Greek dishes vegan for me from 2002 onward. In fact it was their loving acceptance (albeit with some good-natured questioning) that helped me learn how to navigate food and family.

Following are a few photos that didn’t make it in (the one in the article is circa 2002-ish, my flat hair phase).

Me, with Yaya Frosou and Aunt Soula — who also made delicious vegan treats.


Yaya Frosou on the landline


View from the village home. Yaya’s home lies to the left (not pictured).


Originally 3,000+ words, I cut it down to about 500 (the last part of the cut was thanks to the editor, Elena).

The article appears here in