USA tour, part II

Screening #Comments at different theaters and spaces across the US has been so much fun.

We weren’t sure if the screenings would go as well as our Durham, NC premiere, but overall (with one exception — I’m looking at you, DC!) the screenings have gone very well.

It has been entertaining to realize our desire to break up traditional rock shows with film at each event, and it has been restful to haul my flash drive instead of my drumkit and amps to shows.

Eleni at Seattle's NW Film Forum
Eleni at Seattle’s NW Film Forum, where #Comments was screened on 7/16/16

From as far east as Providence, RI, to Chicago, and finally west to Seattle, we’ve had a blast. Special shout-out to the sweet folks in Elyria at Blank Slate, and the Vegans Rock group in Bozeman for cooking up such great food to accompany our screening at the Cottonwood Club.

Screening in Bozeman, MT
Screening in Bozeman, MT at the Cottonwood Club


We are busily setting up our second leg of the tour, and looking for screening venues (and bands, comedians, performance artists, or other films to screen with) in these towns.

Do you know anyone we should reach out to in the following cities?


9/1: Portland – The Waypost (booked)

9/5-9/7: Bay area

9/14, 9/15: Los Angeles

9/19: Prescott or Flagstaff AZ

9/21-9/23: Albuquerque or Santa Fe, NM

9/26, 9/27: Taos, NM or Colorado Springs, CO

9/28:  Manhattan, Lawrence, or Topeka KS

9/29: Kansas City, KS or MO

10/1: Indianapolis

10/2, 10/3: Pittsburgh, PA

Then we land in NYC.

If you have any venue or performer ideas/contacts, please do write me at  We’d love to screen this beast in your town!