Late(r) news: the cob house is complete, part XI

As we have been on the road with #Comments and family, I realized I had not shared some of our more final pictures of the little cob house I built.

The last month was a blur, preparing to move from our home, releasing an EP, finalizing our tour details, co-organizing the Bull City Vegan Challenge, and getting ready for our new tenants.

Yet still, this humble one-room abode materialized:

Lil' cobby

Lil’ cobby


I mixed together an earth plaster with Kaolin clay kindly donated by my friend Laura:



Partially plastered. Just like me.


Syba sculpture. Or, 1/2 Syba, 1/2 pig, as someone noted.

IMG_20160525_160332846 IMG_20160526_105531429_HDR


Rob helped frame the door, and he built the roof


The tall side




Inside cobby

Inside cobby, working out the cob floor


We spent under $500 on the entire project.  The largest expense was time, followed by sand for the cob mixture.

In retrospect, I’d allow more time to complete the project and involve more people — but it was incredibly satisfying to see this structure come together.  Thank you to everyone for encouragement along the way.

Have you built a cob home? Do you have questions about the process?  Feel free to comment below.


Late(r) news: the cob house is complete, part XI — 2 Comments

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