I Thinx therefore I am

My only regret is I’ve lived through 30 years without having access to period underwear.

But it’s never too late.  Well, sometimes you are late.  But that’s when you wear these Thinx period underwear for security. Read onward.

Regrets be-gone: get ready for a life-changer

I’m writing this post because each and every woman I’ve mentioned this life-changing (saving?) invention to has responded with some variation of, “What underwear?”  And I want to answer that more broadly. 

It is also the holiday season, fellas and present-givers everywhere.  Thinx will make the perfect stocking-stuffer for anyone you regularly buy undies for, or an awkward gift for those you don’t.

I first heard the phrase “period underwear” while working on my cob house and listening to the Call Your Girlfriend podcast. (I mean, I’ve used the phrase in my lifetime, but mostly to describe, er … accidents … that foretold my panties’ future utility.)

Like many, I sort of dismissed it momentarily until I flashed back to some embarrassing and messy moments. Then I really started looking into the product.

Flashback: 9th grade, Tyee High

Picture it: Home Ec class, late 80s.  Bad perm almost gone, feathered hair. Aquanet.

Round communal tables, room filled with students.

(Unbeknownst to me then, I would later receive a “D” in for my efforts in this class, despite my current love of cooking and just general home know-how.  [To prove it was the school, not my home economics skills, note briefly that Tyee’s “famous alumni” includes the Green River Killer. Just saying.])

It was the sewing that really got to me, though. The purse with the stitches sewn so far in from the edges that it barely opened.  The crocheted hat that became a cup.

And speaking of clothes, one day I was sitting at the round table with other students, and knew something didn’t feel quite right. Ladies, you know where I’m going here.

I was afraid to get up, and waited until most students exited, but some stubborn socialites conversed table-side and my seat was right in exit-view.  I had to wait. But, the next class would be coming in soon.

So, I got up.  And …

Behold, a chair bore the celebratory record of my monthly event. In unison, my white pants echoed the comment. If the chair had been blue, the moment would almost have been patriotic.

It was call-your-parent time, and I tried to walk to the car pickup location without anyone behind me. (This is not possible at a busy school, just FYI.)

If only Thinx had been invented.

What is Thinx and why must I order pair(s) right away?

When I picture an underwear that can hold from 1-2 tampons worth of “output,” I’m picturing something like this:

Big diaper.

Big diaper.

And yet, this is so far from the truth, it is almost laughable.

Yet I was cautious.  I ordered my first pair (just one) to test it out.  And let me tell you, it works.

You can use it as a sub for tampons/pads/cups depending on flow, or just as extra security when all armored up just in case. No more leaks. No more sleeping surprises. Comfy feeling as a onesy or slippers or blankets.

For those science nerds, here is how it works:


Best of yet, they feel … undetected. Dry.

So I ordered three more pair.  I went for the “hip hugger,” which provides maximum protection.  In addition to my money funding an organization that provides comfort and security for women everywhere, Thinx claims: “For every pair of THINX you buy, we send funds to our partner, AFRIpads, to help girls and women in Uganda.”


Pretty cool, eh?
I was so happy to receive my Thinx, complete with instructions on care, in these tiny packages:

Cute, compact Thinx.

Cute, compact Thinx. (Two pair.)

Now, a cheap Droid-photo so you know it’s real (these are new, just out of the package — though they look the same after use, FYI).

Not yet used.

New, out of the package.

These underwear are special, and the price reflects that. You’ll be dropping around $30 a pair (less with the offer below) but that’s like a few glasses of wine. Two six-packs. Three Bloody Marys.


And now, a special offer (for a special lady?)

You’ll get $10 to get THINX, and I’ll get $10 when you do — (just tell me either by commenting below or emailing me you ordered so I can let them know, as their kickback referral only works manually at present!)  Order or explore more here.   Check ‘em out and get $10 off if you use this link.


You gotta oops story(ies)?

I know you do. Share them below — or just tell us how much you like these Thinx.

Except for the pain and suffering,  overwhelming dislike of humanity, and increased  verbal abuse toward loved ones that these monthly events bring, I’m actually looking forward to my next period.


I Thinx therefore I am — 2 Comments

  1. Youve heard the joke “whats black and white and red/read all over?” It could be a newspaper or an embarassed zebra. Ot it could be my black and white skirt in the 8th grade art class after an accident.
    Other girls tried to tell me but i was in such denial i said id sat in red paint.
    On to the car pool where i sat on a neighbors back car seat.
    I guess i dealt with reality when i got home… I remember my mother calling the car pool neighbor….

    • Oh poor zebra! And the carpool – you were brave. It seems that middle school / early high school is the prime time for these accidents. I hope that more young women find out about these as that would be prevented. Of course, then you don’t have any stories to tell!