You Big Talker in the New York Times

Photo by Katherine Marks
Photo by Katherine Marks for the NY Times

Our move to NYC and apartment-hunt was featured March 23rd in Sunday’s “The Hunt,” a long-standing column in the New York Times. As part of that piece, Beloved Binge (and yours truly of You Big Talker) posed for the photo you see here and may have even composed a song.

This photo includes art by Laura Azar (waving) and Susan Tabor (flying saucer duo and crawling man), as well as a guitar by my cousin-uncle Steve Davis (Rob’s). And of course, my bouzouki and Syba.

I  have read the Sunday edition of the NY Times since college (time permitting) and was honored to be featured.

Not included: another primary reason for relocating to NYC. Any guesses? Hint: vegan options.  Included: mention of #Comments!