Introducing Kore: The Mysteries

Based on the myth of Persephone (Kore) and Demeter, Kore: The Mysteries takes the player through a series of trials inspired by the ancient Eleusinian mysteries.

The artwork will come later, but for now I’m finding free images online, like this one of the game’s guide / mentor Ekati (Hecate — the ancient goddess of the crossroads, also known as the “bitch goddess”).

The original “nasty woman”

I’ve started to build out wireframes to test the idea (for the first level) and I will be seeking playtesters soon.

I am building level / phase I currently.

As can be expected, the wireframes are very crude — but I’m having a blast putting the story together.

I will have in-app purchases that will both be a way to support the game, as well as enabling donations to the top three effective charities players can choose from (as assessed by the Animal Charity Evaluators).

I’m looking forward to attending the Games for Change Festival this July.  If you are going, let me know.

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Don’t be afraid of Charon. There might be a way out.

See you on the other side.