We have poster

It’s official — the debut of the new genre we’re calling “sketch commenty” is happening in less than two weeks. Learn more about #Comments at our handy page here.  And join us, because: You are invited. Happy to be sharing the bill with Durham’s hook-laden pop quartet Horizontal Hold and the Leonard Cohen string trio I’m Your Band.     Bonus: some avatars also created by Laura Azar.  LOVE these.  This is the debut of Paranoid Rob, one of our favorite characters (last avatar).   Ah, Paranoid Rob.  Note the meticulous attention to detail our costuming/make-up artist took in crafting … Keep goin’

Bringing #Comments to life

Almost two years ago, after winter drinks with a couple of friends, I came home and read an article about the deliciousness of a vegan mayo, Vegenaise. The article was positive, and I was feeling happy that a vegan product got such a great review. And then I scrolled down to the … Comments (Deep, booming voice here.) As usual, all who commented were kind, considerate, and thereby restored my faith in humanity. Um, no. Always disheartening, never productive, comments have a way of encouraging — what’s the opposite of “faith”? — disbelief in humanity. It occurred to me that, … Keep goin’